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Winter Snake Control in Louisiana

The winter months may bring slight relief from the scorching Louisiana heat, but it doesn’t mean you’re completely safe from snakes. As temperatures drop, snakes seek warmth and shelter around homes, potentially posing a threat to you and your pets. To ensure a snake-free winter, here are some simple tips to follow.

Close Up Entry Points

Snakes can slip through surprisingly small openings. Inspect your home for any cracks or gaps in doors, windows, and foundation walls. Seal them with weather stripping or caulk to prevent snakes from entering.

Remove Debris

Clean up any debris, such as woodpiles, leaves, and clutter, around your home. Snakes may seek refuge in places like behind your firewood storage pile during colder months. Keeping your property tidy discourages them from settling in.

Trim Vegetation

Keep your yard well-maintained. Trim overgrown grass, bushes, and shrubs regularly, as snakes are more likely to hide in tall vegetation. This reduces their hiding spots and makes your property less attractive to them.

Secure Trash

Snakes are attracted to food sources, such as rodents and insects. Make sure your trash cans are tightly sealed to prevent them from becoming a food source and luring snakes near your home.

Check for Snakes

Before you step outside, take a moment to scan your surroundings. Snakes are ectothermic, meaning they rely on external heat sources. On sunny winter days, they might bask in the sun to warm up. Be cautious and avoid startling them.

Install Snake Fencing

Consider installing a snake-proof fence around your yard. This can be a highly effective way to keep snakes out, especially if you live in an area with a high snake population.

Educate Yourself

Learn about the snakes commonly found in Louisiana, especially the venomous ones. Knowing how to identify them and their habits can help you stay safe.

Seek Professional Help

If you encounter a snake on your property, it’s best to call a professional wildlife removal service. The Bug Man offers a service which involves putting a scent barrier around the home that repels snakes from coming near your house. 

Attempting to handle a snake on your own can be dangerous. The Bug Man has many Louisiana Department of Agriculture licensed trappers for animal removal or eradication. Call us today at 923-BUGS or request a free estimate online here

Unusual Services

How Unusual?

Today we are focusing on some unusual services that we offer here at The Bug Man. In addition to protecting you against roaches and fleas and pesky mosquitos, we also provide a service called Nuisance Animal Control. This is a topic that several of our clients have asked me questions about lately so its fresh on my mind. I am a firm believer that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true when it comes to Nuisance Animals like raccoons and snakes and nutria around your home. KEEP AWAY!! These little critters are seen in neighborhoods all throughout Baton Rouge…and who wants to deal with that mess? We are here to help you prevent these animals from invading your home to ensure that you have one less thing to worry about. And well…. if you are reading this and you DO have a problem, I know a guy.

Over the past several years, we have seen an increase in nuisance wildlife in our neighborhoods in southeast Louisiana, so much so that we had a need to open a Nuisance Animal Division in our pest control department to provide animal trapping of these critters. If you notice any critters creeping around your home, here are some tips to prevent them from coming back:

  • Keep trash properly contained. Keep tight lids or latches on the lids.
  • Pet food needs to be brought indoors.
  • Remove bird feeders from around your property. I know, I know.. I hate to be a downer. They are beautiful; however, they are also a huge attraction to rodents and animals.
  • Keep tree limbs and branches away from your home so animals and rodents don’t have an easy path right to your roof.
  • Close openings around the home where animals could gain access.
  • Animals like raccoons can pull off just about any vent cover if they so wish, so close them up and inspect your home regularly.
  • Install chimney caps on your fireplace.
  • Clear fruit from around trees that has fallen—Do not leave it there!
  • Finally…Stop feeding the animals! If you continue to put food out for animals, they have good reason to set up shop on your property.
  • Soak a rag in ammonia and place the rag in or on the trash cans or buildings where you are having problems. The smell will discourage repeat visits.
  • Moth balls placed inside of trash cans also help and achieve the same results. Moth balls will need to be replaced weekly.

Check out our recent posts to see recent removal of these unwanted animals! Nuisance Animals: Trapped!

Nuisance Animals

Nuisance animals like raccoons love to invade homes and garbage cans. They easily adapt to our environment. They are nocturnal, meaning that most of their activity is at night. These animals may sometime be seen during the day because food may be available and they may no longer have a fear of humans, especially if you haven’t stopped feeding them. Animals like skunks and raccoons will dig under your foundation and establish a den where they will nest and raise young. Typically, you will smell skunks, but may not detect raccoons. The main concern with these animals other than destroying your home or property is Rabies. Rabies is a deadly disease that can be contracted by any mammal. It’s most common in bats, raccoons, foxes, and skunks, and is passed along to others through nervous tissue saliva and Rabies is no joke. If you hire someone to handle your nuisance animal problem, make sure they have the proper trapping licenses. The Bug Man has Louisiana Department of Agriculture licensed trappers for animal removal or eradication. We are currently seeing animals such as raccoons, squirrels, possum, snakes, birds, bats, moles, beaver, nutria and foxes. We have many different methods and resources available to control nuisance animal infestations such as trapping, removal, chemical deterrence and sound devices while also offering odor control for unwanted animal scent at a property. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog. Until Next time! Remember, if you suspect you are having an issue, call The Bug Man and keep your peace of mind intact.

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