The Bug Man Exclusions and Odor Control


Exclusion in commercial pest management is the first line of defense to prevent a pest invasion. As an integrated management system, it is a much more simplistic and safer way to control pests and eradicate any infestation before it can get out of control. Because pests can be very resilient and sneaky, if your commercial building is riddled with cracks and holes that provide entry, the first way to stop those pests is to repair all those tiny cracks and entryways.

Pest exclusion also means that commercial pest managers find all the various entry points that pests make their ways into a building and use sealants to close them up. Working on things like garbage chutes, drains, and foundation cracks, the idea is to keep rodents and pests out by closing up the options they have to find their ways indoors.


Odor Control

Our Odor Control machines can be used in commercial buildings such as medical waiting areas, nursing homes, daycare centers, restaurants, night clubs, beauty parlors and other venues that cannot be evacuated for odor treatment.

How does it work: the polluted air in the room passes through the Hydroxyl machine, is neutralized then blown back out as fresh clean air.

How long does it take: This process may take hours or up to 4-5 days depending on the room size and remediation issue.

Inconvenience factors: the noise from the machine may be distracting at first. You also don’t have to worry about any additional moisture issues from the machine because the water molecules that are neutralizing the odor are broken apart before released back into the room.

How to set up service: call the office and we can arrange a walkthrough of your location then determine a set up and daily rental fee for the machine. We also come out every 3-4 days to inspect the property and make plans for further treatment or remove the machine if the odor is gone!

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