Bug Man Guarantee

If you aren’t happy with the results during your scheduled pest and/or termite control treatments, The Bug Man will re-treat the area at no charge.

If you are not completely satisfied after re-treatment, we will work to solve the problem. Guarantees like that bring a whole new meaning to the word satisfaction.

*This offer does not apply for one time treatments*

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Family Owned and Operated

At The Bug Man, we pride ourselves in being a leader in pest control and termite protection in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. We have served Baton Rouge and its neighbors for over 40 years with pest knowledge as our best weapon.  We have four service areas which are located in Baton Rouge, Ascension, Lafayette and New Orleans. Our staff of over 25 technicians totals more than 250 years of pest control experience. The Bug Man’s territory stretches as far west as Lake Charles, Louisiana, as far north and east as the Louisiana-Mississippi state line and as far south as Grand Isle, Louisiana.



The Bug Man opened its doors in April of 1978 by two brothers, Paul & Jim Salvant. The two boys learned the basics of their trade from their father, Jim Salvant, who owned and operated a Louisiana pest control business while the boys were young. They spent their summers working alongside their father until he sold his business when the boys were still in grade school. A few years later, Paul and Jim both went to work for other pest control companies until 1978, when they decided to open The Bug Man together. From day one, quality and customer service was of paramount importance to the company. Professionalism, knowledge of the industry and continuing education are and has always been important growth factors of The Bug Man.