Here in South Louisiana, mosquitos can certainly take the fun out of any backyard get together. And, the first line of mosquito control usually begins with slathering yourself in a DEET-laced product or using one of the newest fad oils that can leave your skin sticky and smelly. It’s time to take control of your backyard. The Bug Man provides three revolutionary mosquito treatments that don’t just repel mosquitoes, the unit kills them for good!


Barrier Treatment

$75 Off Mosquito Control
We also offer mosquito barrier treatments on a monthly basis and for special events like crawfish boils, weddings, graduation parties, and much more.



The Bug Man’s newest mosquito program is a great and inexpensive alternative to yard fogging. We place mosquito pots around your yard that sterilizes a female mosquito from laying eggs. When she then moves onto another place in the yard holding water, the product on her will then contaminate that water source as well, which has a ripple effect on the other mosquitoes that come to lay eggs there. The pots are re-baited monthly to protect your family. Our service is cheaper than most yard fogging companies and last 30 days vs their 20 day chemical.






The Bug Man can install a mosquito misting system around the eves and fenced in part of your backyard property that mists at dusk and dawn daily to eliminate the amount of mosquito coverage in your backyard. All systems are customizable to your needs. Not only is this an environmentally friendly product, but in the long run it is cheaper than a monthly mosquito yard fog company. Monthly yard foggers come every 20-30 days, while The Bug Man’s machine goes off twice daily and we service it only 4 times a year.