Ants can be life-threatening if you have an allergy to them. We have products to help you keep them out of your yard and your home. From Fire Ants to Crazy Ants, we can solve any of your ant problems.

Fire Ants

These fire ants build mounds in almost any type of soil, but prefer open, sunny areas such as meadows, pastures, parks, playgrounds, lawns, sports fields and golf courses, as well as agricultural land and wilderness areas. Often mounds are located in rotting logs and around stumps and trees. Colonies also can occur in or under buildings. Fire ants will not create mounds when the weather is extremely hot (above 36◦C or 96◦F) or dry. At these times they go deep underground during the day and come out at night to forage. Fire ant stings are painful, characterized by a local burning sensation, which swells into a bump within hours. The bump may develop into a white pustule within 24–36 hours, which can become infected if scratched, but will spontaneously flatten within a few days if left alone.

Crazy Ants

Crazy ants are another breed of ants that have been on the rise in Louisiana over the last few years. While they don’t sting or bite, crazy ants can cause structural damage because they often nest in homes, electrical boxes, etc. and they thrive and multiply in moist, wooded areas, cracks, crevices–anywhere they can find shelter. While people have tried to end the pests’ existence, they often find they are fighting a losing battle.

Fire ants are no joke and crazy ants are just a pain in the you know what! But, we can help. Contact The Bug Man, we have products such as granular treatment to the ant mound to kill them and then liquid treatment options around the structure of the home to help you keep them out of your yard.

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