Rodents can cause many problems in a home. We offer different rodent control solutions such as traps, glue boards, exclusion and other great methods to rid your home of these creepy crawlers.  

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Rodent FAQs

How do you tell if you have a rat or mouse?

The size of the droppings is a clear indication of which rodent you have. Rats have much larger droppings then a mouse, measuring around ½ inch in length.

Do rodents carry diseases?

Yes! Rodents carry over 30 different diseases such as Hantavirus, contact with rodent feces & Salmonellosis, ingestion of contaminated food &/or water by rodents.

How small of a hole can a rodent get into?

A rat can get into a hole the size of a nickel and a mouse can get into a hole the size of dime.

How do I prevent a rodent infestation?

Call The Bug Man! When a rodent enters a home and chews threw wires, it cost a lot of money for the homeowner to repair the damage and catch the rodent. This is one of the many reasons we tell customers that prevention is key. We suggest setting up an exterior rodent service as a precaution to avoid the stress and cost that a rodent infestation could cause.