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Honeybees Are Our Friends, But…

Bees pest control

A swarm of bees invading your property can be scary, especially if they build a hive within your house, which can stain surrounding structures, damage support structures, and even attract other insects. Remember, the only way to get rid of a home of bees is to completely remove the hive. 


Here at The Bug Man, bees are our friends! We have a team of trained professionals that can safely manage and remove a nest or swarm from your property, and each individual job requires a unique treatment method. 


This summer, we encountered a massive hive in an oak tree (2 ft. wide going 6 ft. into the limb) Three workers used a chainsaw to carefully remove the honeycomb 2 feet at a time moving the comb and trimming the limb until it was completely gone–a demanding process that took several hours.


We then transported the combs to a pollinator garden and hung 6 racks of combs with larvae into the hive along with some honeycombs for food. We set the box full of bees on top and removed the trap door at the bottom, allowing the bees into the new boxes. Honey was dripping out the bottom and the bees started to come and go freely into the entrance. 


We hope for our bee friends stay in their new home collecting the honey and repairing the combs that were inserted. We are proud to say that this was an overall successful bee removal and rehousing service. 



Let the Bug Man treat and/or remove your bee problem before someone gets hurt or your property is damaged. Call the Bug Man at 225-923-2847 or request an estimate today!