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The Bug Man’s Sentricon Termite Baiting program has been around since the late ’90s and has made a dramatic difference in eliminating termites. We also provide services for a chemical treatment option for termite control called the Termidor HP Injector. It is true to say that Bug Man is the only company in Baton Rouge as well as one of three in the state practicing this new technology. This advanced treatment eliminates the old “trench and treat” method that disturbs landscaping. The older and less efficient method of this process would involve injecting an accurate dose of chemical around the slab of a property. The Bug Man offers pre-construction options to treat the soil, slab, and frame of a home while a property is being built. With our top of class termite treatment methods and experienced team, we are able to offer our customers the best and most customizable options in the industry to keep termites out of your property for good!



Sentricon Always Active Termite Protection

BAITING SYSTEM TREATMENT: The Sentricon Colony Elimination Baiting System is the premiere baiting system. The Sentricon bait stations are placed in approximately ten-foot intervals around your home. The Sentricon stations contain Always Active bait when installed on the property. A certified Sentricon technician will monitor your home twice a year and will replace the bait as needed.



Chemical Termite Treatment

Chemical-Barrier Treatment: A chemical-barrier treatment establishes protection around the slab of your home to keep termites from damaging your biggest investment. By using the Termidor HP Injector, a high precision injection system, we will apply an accurate and powerful termiticide around the perimeter of your home to protect your biggest investment. Compared to standard termiticide application, this new technology creates a more uniform treatment zone with minimal disruption to your landscape.



When building or adding on to your home, make sure to have the new site treated for termite control. At The Bug Man, we offer many different treatment options such as soil treatments, wood treatments and a combination treatment with baiting when the structure is complete. Don’t overlook this pivotal step when building or remodeling your biggest investment. Call The Bug Man to great a pre-construction package for your project.