Powder Post Beetles

In Louisiana when it comes to wood-destroying insects, the usual culprit is termites. However, powder post beetles would come in second only to the termite in causing costly structural damage to homes. As the name implies, these beetles can turn wood into powder. The beetles lay their eggs in the pores of wood. Their larvae then hatch from the eggs, feeding on the wood and creating a series of tunnels as they eat the wood. Eventually, the larvae will mature into adult beetles. Once the insects reach adulthood, they tunnel their way out of the wood, leaving behind a tiny exit hole This life cycle can take two to five years to complete, meaning the larvae are literally eating the wood in your home for years.

Generally, homes raised off the ground are at high risk for infestation. Powder post beetles most often attack bare, unfinished wood with a high moisture content. The wood framing under raised homes is the perfect environment for beetles to thrive.

To treat for powder post beetles, we apply a surface treatment on all accessible exposed bare wood using a product containing “borate”, such as BoraCare or Timbor. These products eliminate the beetles by not allowing them to enter or exit the surface of the wood.

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