How to Keep Your Home Flea Free

When you probably think of fleas, your mind probably jumps (no pun intended) to your pets. When in fact, they like parts of you just as much. Here are a few things to consider to keep you, your pet and your house flea-free. There are four parts to the flea cycle. They include flea eggs, flea larvae, flea pupae and adult fleas. Sounds pretty gross, but understanding the flea cycle can help.

If fleas have a preference for a host, they’re going to be looking first and foremost for your pet. Once an adult flea has feasted on her host, she can lay approximately 40 eggs per day. Yikes! The eggs are then distributed throughout your house. Typically you’ll find them around your pet’s favorite hang-out areas. Dog beds, toy bins, and regions they sleep are common.

Those 40 eggs mentioned earlier hatch approximately 2-14 days later and become larvae, which have an aversion to any light source, typically making their home in warm, dark carpeted areas.
The larvae love to feed on organic material, such as shed skin cells (yep, from pets and people) and ‘flea dirt’ (flea poop) from adult fleas.

The fourth and final life stage, the adult flea, is when most people start looking for help, like The Bug Man, in getting rid of these pests. Before a large full-onslaught infestation, the best line of defense is to stop the cycle before it starts with year-round protection on your pet. Don’t forget fleas can make their way into your home on your shoes and clothes.

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