How To Clean Your Kitchen And Prevent Pests All Year Long

It should go without saying that one of the last places you want to see a pest is in the kitchen. Whether residential or commercial, flies can make their way in through the door while cockroaches and other rodents make their way through cracks. These pests and many others can contaminate food, spread disease and damage your home in ways you never want.  

To help avoid pests from making their way into your home or business and causing problems, here are a few tips and tricks.

  1. It’s essential to maintain a clean kitchen

A clean kitchen isn’t just a pleasant environment; it will also help prevent the spread of bacteria and other unwanted contaminants. Always remember to disinfect countertops with a strong disinfectant cleaner. It’s a no-brainer, but remove food scraps that can attract pests. When using the cleanser, make sure to get all crevices and corners and spend an extra amount of time on food preparation surfaces. All in all, pretty simple. 

  1. Think of yourself as a pest management professional in the kitchen.

It may seem overkill, but having a calendar of when things are cleaned and disinfected is a great routine. That way, you know what was cleaned when and by whom. Grease can easily add up if not addressed, bringing those unwanted problems to the table. While doing this, keep an eye out for any sort of leaks in either the sink or any other appliance.  

  1. Sweep, sweep, sweep

Whether at home or running a restaurant, if you’re cooking food, it’s important to sweep daily to get those delicious crumbs off the floor. Make sure you clean under and behind your appliances and keep food storage areas free of clutter so you can spot an infestation. 

  1. Know the importance of a clean kitchen

It’s easy to want to keep dishes in the sink. Don’t! Dirty dishes are perhaps the primary food sources for pests. Wash them immediately or store them in the dishwasher. 

If you keep dishes in the sink, the pest at first may be a nuisance. However, eventually, it will completely overrun your kitchen. Save yourself the hassle and wipe your counters and keep your dishes washed.

  1. Hot days and months are especially troublesome

Food scraps can build up if you cook a lot or run a restaurant. If you have an unsealed trashcan, there’s a good chance pests have just found the perfect place for breeding.

Always keep your trashcan sealed and have it emptied regularly. If something spills, clean it up quickly because even the smallest amount can attract pests. 

  1. Call The Bug Man

Working with a quality pest control company with many years of experience combating pests is especially important. 

Recently, The Bug Man worked with a commercial kitchen for some training on drain cleanouts. They were being trained in bioremediation. Essentially, it’s the use of naturally occurring or deliberately introduced microorganisms or other forms of life to consume and break down environmental pollutants to clean up a polluted site. 

If you stay on top of these tips, you can keep your kitchen pest-free. However, if your pests have already made their way into your kitchen, contact The Bug Man. We’ll get them before they get you.