The Bug Man Exclusions

The key to pest exclusion for large buildings—such as offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc.—is sealing and securing all possible points of entry into the building. These entry points include cracks in the foundation, improperly sealed vents, drain pipes, garbage shoots and other places that are not properly sealed off. Of course, some parts of the building must remain ventilated and open to some extent; the point is to make sure that there are no unnecessary open entry points. It’s also important to minimize possible traffic routes for insects and critters by keeping windows shut and screen meshes fastened and in good repair.

Other exclusion tactics recommended by integrated pest management experts involve keeping any organic matter away from the exterior of the building—including trash, compost, mulch and even fallen leaves—as these have a tendency to attract pests. Finally, removing inviting food, water, nesting and breeding sources from the inside of the building will help to create inhospitable conditions for pests.

Implementing a pest exclusion plan can be a huge undertaking, especially for a large facility. For best results, bring in a commercial pest management company to provide expert advice and solutions.

Exclusion is the first line of defense to prevent a pest invasion. We seal up the entry point so nuisance animals can’t come in. The Bug Man can seal up entry and exit holes, install door sweeps to prevent access, seal weep holes in brick to prevent snakes from entering as well as many other options to keep animals out. We also offer gutter guards to prevent mosquito harborage areas and insect-related nesting sites.

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