Author: Kendall Denney

ActiveSense System: Keeping Your Premises Rodent-Free with Automation

In recent years, there has been an influx of rodents in residential and commercial buildings. Unfortunately, these infestations can cause significant damage to property as well as pose health risks. In order to protect their premises from these creatures, many people have turned to the ActiveSense System (ASS) for trapping rodents.

The ActiveSense System is a revolutionary technology developed by researchers at MIT that utilizes sensor-based analysis and real-time data to keep your premises rodent-free. Sensors are placed throughout your property, alerting The Bug Man via an app when a rodent has been caught. A Bug Man technician is sent out immediately to track where and how the rodent has been moving around. 

Suppose a building’s traps on the right side are triggered often; in that case, we can infer that rodents enter through that side. The app also enables technicians to record the gender and species of the captured rodent. This information is useful because capturing a male rodent means capturing a potential reproducer. Additionally, identifying whether the trapped rodents are mice or rats can help us improve our baiting strategies in the future.

Since the sensors are connected directly to your phone or computer, you can monitor your premises remotely at any time in case something needs attention immediately. Automating this process with the ActiveSense System can save precious time and resources while ensuring better safety for everyone on site. ActiveSense is also a cost-saving to the customer because instead of us coming weekly or monthly, we only come when we receive a notification

ActiveSense has made it much easier for businesses and homeowners alike to avoid potential problems related to rodents and maintain healthy premises using manual intervention by placing snap traps for rodent control on the sensors. With this amazing technology, people can now improve the condition of their homes or workplaces worry-free. So, if you’re interested in the ActiveSense System, call The Bug Man today. After all, we get them when you can’t. 

Asian Lady Beetles: How to Manage an Invasion

When it comes to pests, Asian lady beetles are one of the most unwelcome guests in many homes. These small yet mighty creatures have made their way from Southeast Asia and are now an invasive species across North America. While they can bring some natural benefits, they also often invade homes during autumn months, causing quite a nuisance.

So what can you do if Asian lady beetles show up unwanted at your doorstep? The first step is to identify them properly. These insects vary in color from red to orange and yellow and usually measure about 3/8 inch long. They also carry distinctive markings, including black spots or lines on their back, which make them relatively easy to spot!

Once you’ve identified the source of the invasion, there are several steps you can take to manage them effectively. Most importantly, make sure that any existing cracks or holes around windows and doors are sealed properly or else the lady beetles will find their way back in no time! It’s also important to keep your house clean as this reduces their chances of surviving indoors. Finally, use insecticides and a vacuum to treat the infestation. Make sure never to squish these beetles as they will stain a surface and will omit an odor. 

When it comes to outdoor control measures, removing potential food sources is key. Lady beetles enjoy consuming aphids that attack plants, so regular pruning and tilling can help prevent infestations before they start! Additionally, keeping a close eye on high-traffic areas such as porches, decks and gardens will allow you to spot any incoming lady beetles colonies early on and intervene appropriately.

In conclusion, Asian lady beetles aren’t always bad news; they provide some natural benefits by eating destructive crop pests and other bugs alike. That being said, if they become too much of an issue, then proper management strategies need to be put in place in order for you and the environment alike to benefit! That’s why The Bug Man is here.

Avoid Unwanted Guests this Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays. A time for friends and family to gather. A time for loved ones to relish in each other’s company and reflect on the year. However, one or two unwanted guests usually want to make an appearance and ruin the most wonderful time of the year. Yep, you guessed it – Mice and other rodents. 


These unwanted guests want in from the cold and want to partake in your holiday feast. Unfortunately, they carry nearly a dozen diseases. But don’t panic if they show up and scurry around. There are multiple ways to manage these tiny disease carriers and prevent them from further contaminating your home.


Read on for our 5 tips for getting rid of mice in your house.


  1. Block all openings


Mice are sneaky as they come. They’ll find any way into your home. Walk around the exterior of your home and look for any openings or gaps. Spend the most time inspecting windows and the foundation. Remember, they’re unwanted guests. They’ll make their way to your celebration if there is an improperly sealed drain pipe or sewer line.


If you can’t correctly seal those openings, the next best thing is to use steel wool. You simply stuff it tightly into the opening. It’s impossible to chew through and not as tasty as your meal.


  1. Don’t use mice poison—set traps.


You may think that the easiest way to rid yourself of these unwanted guests is poison, but it doesn’t always take care of the problem. Poison can take some time and doesn’t always kill all the mice. And guess what? The ones that survive will reproduce and start the cycle all over. The ones that take the poison can run off, eventually die, and leave a disgusting odor. Finally, and perhaps most important – poison isn’t good to have around for family and pets.


We recommend traps because they are the safest and most effective. There are several types of mouse traps to choose from. Spring-loaded is excellent for trapping mice in the house. For a more humane way to trap, try glued mouse traps which allow you to release them outside. Finally, there’s your good old-fashioned homemade mousetrap, which is a cage or cardboard box you lure in and prevent it from escaping. Much like the glued trap, you can release it outside.


  1. Mouse repellents are a good option


Mouse repellent isn’t going to take care of the mice in your home completely, but it will help with more getting in. Mice hate essential oils, such as peppermint and clove and are great when you find a point of entry around your house. All you need to do is soak a rag or cotton ball and leave it at the entry point. Note: Natural mice repellents are not nearly as effective when dealing with a mouse infestation.


  1. Meow meow


It may seem a little cliche, but it’s true; cats are natural-born hunters and can help with rodent infestations. This is considering no one in your house is allergic. Many don’t know this, but there are plenty of farms that are using cats to help with the problem.


  1. Call The Bug Man


You may be able to manage the mouse problem in your home effectively, but your best bet is to work with a professional who has the experience and professionalism to help with your problem. The Bug Man is reliable and knowledgeable and can give you peace of mind this holiday season. Although the Bug Man may not be able to help you with a crazy sibling or relative, they can surely help out with the other unwanted guests. 


From all of us at The Bug Man, we want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and pest-free holiday season. 


We Did It – The Bug Man wins Best Pest Control by Baton Rouge Parents Magazine

Being a family-run business and setting only the highest standards for the people we serve has always been a part of our mission. We pride ourselves on delivering only the best pest control services to Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. And apparently, many of you agreed and voted us the Best Pest Control in Baton Rouge Parents Magazine. 


Winners are selected via people’s choice. That is what truly makes this award mean so much to us. It means that the people we serve value what we offer and what we can do to make their homes and businesses safer and pest free. It means that people know that we’re a part of this community and what we stand for. 


We’re proud to be alongside many other great companies that value our community by offering excellent services and setting a standard for what people should and can expect. So, on behalf of everyone at The Bug Man, we want to thank you for your vote and promise to keep setting the bar.


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Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean the scares are over.

They’re creepy. They crawl and they’re slithering up your front steps. What is it, you say? It could be spiders, hissing cockroaches or rabid rodents. You may be done with the scares of Halloween, but the scares are not done with you.


Do you hear something in the walls?


Relax, it’s not a zombie. Chances are it’s most likely mice or rats that have moved into your wall voids for the fall and winter. If you hear squeaking floors or footsteps, your house may be haunted. But again, it may be rodents running across the floors. Even scarier, rodents are nocturnal, so you’ll hear these sounds in the dead of night as they search for food. While checking the pantry, if you notice any chewed bags or footsteps, these are signs that mice or rats are living in your home. If you sense there’s activity, it’s time to act now. Rodents reproduce incredibly fast and can transmit numerous diseases as well as fleas, ticks and other pests.


Is something skittering across the kitchen floor?


Do you see something scary when you come home and turn on the lights? Something like roaches. They’re resilient, can run as fast as three miles an hour, and can adapt to any environment. How creepy is that? They’re not just scary. Roaches can carry many diseases and pathogens. So how do you remove these creepy crawlers? 


  • Clean your floors after all meals
  • Wipe down counters and cooking areas
  • Get a trash can with a tight lid and wash dishes immediately after eating
  • Dispose of cardboard boxes


How about a bit of advice?


If you’re tired of the post-Halloween scares, it’s time to contact The Bug Man to handle your rodent or pest situation. The Bug Man gives you a free inspection by trained technicians. Our technicians place baits and traps in areas with evident rodent activity to reduce rodent populations. Catch something from the corner of your eye crawling around in your home. It might give you the heebie-jeebies; it could be roaches. Now’s the time to act. The Bug Man gets them before they get you.